"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change     the world". Nelson Mandela

​Your Child's First Day at Texans Learning Center:


Because transitions and separations can be difficult, you should plan to bring your child to school at least one day before his/her first official day at the daycare center, so that you can stay with your child. Plan to be here for at least one hour. This provides a chance for your child to visit the class, meet the teachers at the daycare center, and become more familiar with the classroom environment while you are present. Our goal is for your child to visit for as long as he/she is comfortable, and to leave happy, content, and having had a positive experience. During this first visit, help your child by playing with toys, interacting with the teachers and maintaining a positive attitude. When your child feels comfortable in the classroom and trust the teachers, he/she will transition into the school environment more effectively than if you express feelings of anxiety or uncertainty. Please keep in mind that some children need more time to adjust to a new environment. The teachers will talk with you individually to develop a plan to meet the specific needs of your child. In addition, please know that you are welcome and encouraged to stay in the building as long as you need to feel comfortable with your child’s experience. Feel free to call the school anytime to check on your child.

​Infant and Toddler: 


In the first years of life, the child is acquiring a sense of trust of oneself and of others; a sense of safety and security that comes from responsive, predictable care from others to whom one is attached.


The child is developing a sense of autonomy, a sense of being a separate, independent self. This comes from being treated as an individual and being allowed increasing opportunities for independence.


The child at this age is a sensory-motor being, exploring the world with their senses while developing motor skills. They need a world rich with opportunities to actively explore and enjoy; to see, hear, feel, touch and move; a world where they are encouraged to venture and discover.


We are now enrolling infants! Infant Child Care can be very beneficial for moms going back to work. We offer full and part time care for our infants. Registration is limited and in high demand, so please register early.


Texans Learning Center creates a stimulating learning environment for infants, including sensory toys, supervised tummy time (age appropriate), and other infant activities to help develop your infant's milestone activities. Our caregivers give babies individual attention, openly demonstrating affection through holding, cuddling, and holding or rocking during feedings.


Our infant care environment is safe, clean, and segregated from the other age groups we have at Texans Learning Center. Our infant classroom has plenty of space for your child to crawl, roll, and explore his world. Diapering areas are set up away from play and food areas. Our infant toys include an assortment of developmental learning materials for the ever-evolving infant.


For our infant childcare, we maintain an "on-demand" schedule for eating, playing, and napping. We understand that your infant is different than any other infant, and we take cues from your baby for feeding, and sleeping, according to parent instructions


In order to be placed in the Toddler classroom, the child should be at least 15 months and have certain readiness skills established: the child should be walking steadily; must be able to nap once per day; must be able to drink from a cup or Sippy cup. It is important that the child not only be able to drink from a cup, but is no longer drinking from a bottle at all. It is emotionally confusing to drink from a cup at school and from a bottle at home. When a child is in a new environment such as school, and his/her bottle is not available, it can potentially be very distressing. Thus, we must adhere strictly to this policy, for the child’s happiness and well-being

Preschool 24-36 Months 


Over the years, it has been proven that children thrive in a holistic learning environment, where they are challenged and nurtured to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and artistically. When children feel free to explore, discover, create, interact and play, they learn at wondrous speed.


Our curriculum at Texans Learning center is based on the hierarchical stages of early childhood development, taking into account that each child is an individual, and will learn at his/her own pace. In planning our curriculum, we take into consideration the variety of skills developing at this age, and various developmental levels of the children.


·        Freedom to independently explore, create and express ideas within a developmentally structured environment

·        An environment in which each child feels successful and is an active participant in the learning process

·        A focus on the development of appropriate social behaviors, forming a foundation for future interpersonal relationships.


The daily routine at Texans learning center allows for a balance of activities, so that the child is involved in large group experiences, small group experiences, as well as opportunities for individual activity. There should be a balance of active and passive activity, of indoor and outdoor activity.


We strive to teach concepts and to plan activities that are meaningful to the child. Careful planning and observation on the teacher’s part enables the child to develop at his/her own pace and to his/her full potential. The teacher is continually assessing each child in order to determine the level of understanding and to know in what areas the child needs strengthening or reinforcement.


The daily routine at Texans learning center also provides a variety of experiences that promote growth in each skill area:  physical, social, emotional and cognitive, each of these skills so vital to the development of the whole child:



Pre-K Program



Our Pre-K program is designed by the Texas School Ready (TSR) Program for Preschoolers. This is one of the best hands on curriculam that develops the skills your child needs in preparation for a more structured classroom environment. This is the year for “readiness”.


Readiness is the decisive factor in placing a child in the classroom. In order to have a successful experience, a child should be ready in all skill areas: SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, and COGNITIVE. Readiness skills include, but are not limited to:


Social and emotional maturity, Fine motor skills, Gross motor and coordination skills, Desire and interest to learn new concepts. The ability to listen to and follow directions, Completing a task within a given time period, Desire to participate, to ask questions.

It is not only what the child has learned before entering Kindergarten, but how the child learns that is the key to a successful Kindergarten experience. It is not only letter recognition, sounds, and basic math concepts that the Kindergarten teacher looks for in entering students. It is the skills and behaviors that enable the student to learn these concepts, and to learn them without frustration.


Learning seems to come naturally and with ease when a child is interested, self-motivated and eager to learn. Our hope is that our program brings out the natural curiosity and love of learning that we know is part of each child. The child going to Kindergarten should be ready in all skill areas to handle successfully the demands of the program.



After School Program


At Texans learning center, we provide a safe and enriching environment for children from 1st grade through Seventh Grade. Children are encouraged to participate in new experiences while working on skills such as team-building, self-esteem, independence, confidence, friendship, and leadership. We strive to meet the children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs via multiple options from which they choose on a daily basis.  You can be assured there is always something for everyone!


-            Pasadena : Transportation provided to and from schools listed, with limited seating available (J.D Park, Mc Masters, Parkwood, Deepwater, Early Learning Center, Carpenter, San Jac)

-            Deer Park : Transportation provided to and from schools listed, with limited seating available (JP Dabbs, Carpenter, Deer Park, Parkwood, Deepwater)

-            Live cameras (x14) in every room for parents to view their child while in our care.

-            Good communication between parents & caregivers.

-            Experienced caregivers supervising .

-            Multiple internets connected PC for learning, Homework, Play and learning.

-            Table top Games such as Foosball, Air hockey, Ping Pong for entertainment.

-            PlayStation activities for after school. 




"Texas School Ready" (TSR) Program



Our Texans learning center is a Proud Partner in the "Texas School Ready" (TSR) program.


Texas School Ready!™ is a program that certifies preschool education classrooms that effectively prepared their students for kindergarten.


Texas School Ready!™ is based on the actual linking between:


·       the quality instructional practices that must be in place in a preschool program to get children ready for kindergarten AND

·       the children actually achieving scores showing they were on track in the areas of reading and social skills when they went to kindergarten.



Why is Texas School Ready!™ Certification important?



The Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development, housed in the Children's Learning Institute at the University of Texas-Houston, has a very in-depth experience in conducting early education research. Our research and the research in the field at large shows clearly that if children do not experience a high quality preschool program that focuses on getting them ready for school, they will often have trouble when they go to kindergarten.


The Texas School Readiness Certification System can be used to:


  • Prepare more children for school readiness

  • Focus on proven and demonstrated outcomes and

  • Provide parents with tools to make informed decisions.


Early education utilizing interactive Technology:



We work with the interactive technology that today’s children need to experience. We’re believers in the appropriate use of technology – utilizing creative computer applications and other innovations to help your child grow – in keeping with the technologies he will need to understand for future success.  Our technology-based learning activities are developed with your child in mind and extend beyond the boundaries of traditional daycare. 


Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer Programs, our highly trained teachers engage students with hands-on interaction. This educational system utilizes an easy to use, interactive technology that provides children the ability to interact with large, colorful, moveable images and diagrams. Moving letters, words, numbers and pictures with a finger, and with the addition of sound, makes the lessons engaging for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.


The Texas School Ready program is utilizing this technology and implementing our exclusive curriculum into activities that are tied to national Preschool standards and the critical skill areas of pre literacy, language, math, social studies and science.


Teachers implement the weekly curriculum and select the appropriate developmental level for a group of children or an individual child. Daily lesson plans and activities are implemented for large or small groups as well as independently by children during center time.


The individual Computer Learning Centers also utilize the latest multi-touch screen technology and educational software for development in a safe, child-directed learning environment.


One of the most powerful and exciting features is the ability to easily create digital student portfolios. Each child’s individual work and progress is captured in a dynamic portfolio allowing the teacher to easily add notes and share with the child and with parents at any time throughout the year.


Texans learning Center is dedicated to continually add technology throughout our schools. Please check back for additional learning features coming soon!


Summer Program (Field Trips, Classroom Fun events, Outdoor exercise, and Much more)


Every years, during the shool summer season, our Texans learning center provides attractive summer care program that we're proud of. A well prepared and managed summer program to be tailored each year: field trips, outdoor exercise, indoor games and light training sessions.


Please check back and call us for more details.

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