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We are proud to provide the most innovative, interactive Learning curriculum for Pre-schooler using computer Program to teach pre literacy, language, math, social studies and science. 




Texans learning center (Daycare Center, Childcare Center) provides a warm, nurturing, supportive environment, where children feel safe, secure, loved and respected; where they are given opportunities to develop to their fullest potential in all areas – social, emotional, physical and cognitive; where parents and staff work together as a team to ensure that we provide an experience that goes beyond the expected, for the children, parents and staff of this program. We would be honored to share our vision with you. We invite you to visit our program and discuss the goals, philosophy and curriculum. Please call us at 281-479-KIDS (5437) or come visit at 1431 East Sam Houston Parkway South Pasadena, TX 77503 





Our daycare center / childcare center provides a spaciousness inside and out for a child to feel the freedom to explore, to create, and to learn in a way that is friendly and encouraging, and free of stress. It is amazing how the physical environment can affect a child’s learning, not to mention his/her emotional self-assured. This is important in the classroom, on the playground and when he/she walks in the front door every day. A welcome, inviting environment holds the key to a positive, happy road to a successful learning experience.





The teachers at our daycare center / childcare center share the common goal of developing in each child a positive attitude toward him/herself and toward learning.  We focus on the growth and development of the whole child — the social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.  We provide a creative, hands-on approach, while maintaining the belief in a solid foundation through core curriculum areas. In addition to teacher-directed activities, we provide an atmosphere in which the children do much learning and discovering on their own. Our goal is to develop in each child a positive self-esteem, positive social skills, a love of learning, and an opportunity to learn to his/her greatest potential. Small class sizes and carefully selected teaching materials allow us to meet the individual needs, interests, capabilities and learning styles of the children.





In order to provide a positive learning experience for our children, a close relationship between home and daycare center / childcare center is vital. High priority is placed on communication between teachers and parents, and between administration and parents. Each family is a valued member of Texans Family. Opportunities are available throughout the year for parents to be involved as much as possible.

Cameras in all Room
Licensed for 132 children
NCI Accepted
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